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« Press review 2023 » – ensemble Correspondances


« Listening to this interpretation offers a chance to savour every aspect of it – the drama, the expression, the refined sound, the shading of dynamics and the expressive articulation. » – W Kulturalny Sposób


« The fact that Daucé opts for a small ensemble rather than a large number of musicians benefits the works. » – Der Spiegel


« When this atmospheric work is played by such exquisite musicians as the Ensemble Correspondances under Sébastien Daucé, it shines all the brighter. » –


« The reading combines naturalness and contrasts in a spellbinding alchemy. » – Muse Baroque


« Sébastien Daucé’s Baroque Christmas at the Auditorium features sacred and secular music by Charpentier, his favourite composer. » – Exit Mag


« Best classical Christmas albums for La Messe de Minuit » – The Times

le soir

« A delightful blend of fervent solemnity and popular naivety, skilfully combining reflection and narration to seduce minds and better convert them. » – Le Soir


« Between passion and lament, the ensemble Correspondances follows the languorous lines of the score, deploying suppleness and subtlety with as much energy as tenderness. » –


« Sébastien Daucé’s conducting dashes from one side to the other in large, supple gestures, sweeping not only the pit but also the stage in accents that are all the more impressive because they mark phrasing with fully nourished sonorities. » – Ôlyrix


« The music is magnificent, magnified by the orchestra and choir. » –

la terrasse

« At the head of his ensemble Correspondances, Sébastien Daucé magnifies the colours and expressive vitality of Charpentier’s music. » – Journal La Terrasse


« Everything is perfectly clear to the ears, thanks to Sébastien Daucé’s always fluid interpretation, without any stiffness, and thanks to the admirably fresh voices, with such clear diction, of the choir of the ensemble Correspondances. » –


« The Correspondances ensemble is in top form, pouring out streams of refined sound, with strong lines that magnify the quiet or sad moments of the score. » – Diapason

Ouest France

« The music performed on Thursday evening brought tears to the eyes of some of the audience. Particularly in Act IV, where Jonathas is about to die: a moment suspended… » – Ouest-France


« The instrumental textures provided by Ensemble Correspondances are testament to their virtuosity, the ensemble’s tasteful ornamentation and nuanced articulation continually highlighting layers of beauty and intricacy in Charpentier’s music. » – Gramophone


« The sumptuous combination of liturgical sequences and popular Nativity tunes, in a complicit celebration of Charpentier’s sacred theatre. » – Télérama


« One of the finest moments in the Festival’s history. » – Crescendo Magazine


« The Vézelay Musical Encounters » – Classicagenda

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« A chamber choir of ten marvellous singers and a small instrumental ensemble of phenomenal subtlety. » – Bachtrack

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« Music carries the same emotions through the centuries. » – La Dépê


« The Normandy Musical Escape » – France Info : Culture

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« Portrait of Sébastien Daucé by Concerti. » – Concerti

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« The grandiose sobriety of the Masters of Notre-Dame de Paris. » – Première Loge


« A concert of sacred music by the Chapel Masters of Notre-Dame de Paris. » – Ôlyrix


« A universal story about a world without direction. » – SWR Kultur

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« […] the excellent Ensemble Correspondance conducted by Sébastien Daucé […] » – Il giornale della musica


« Psyche, dramatick opera by Matthew Locke » –

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« Opera Album Review: A Major Baroque Opera in English Receives a Stylish Recording » – The arts fuse

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« Polyphonic Splendors » – Scherzo

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« 40 years of FeMÀS between recollection and enthusiasm » – Queplan

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« Sébastien Daucé, offered interpretations of an authentic baroque orchestra » – El Correo de Andalucia

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« The ensemble has demonstrated the reasons for its well-deserved prestige » – Diaro de Sevilla

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« Power and grace » – ResMusica

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« The ensemble plays and sings superbly » – Luister

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« Beniamino Paganini (traverso player, harpsichordist and co-director of Musica Gloria) invites Sébastien Daucé (organist, harpsichordist, conductor of the ensemble Correspondances) » – RTBF Auvio

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« Couperin’s baroque lessons » – La Liberté

le figaro

« In the England of the 17th century […] » – Le Figaro

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« Press review 2022 » – ensemble Correspondances


« Matthew Locke’s Psyche, the iconic opera of the English Restoration » – Crescendo Magazine

Ouest France

« Combattimento at the theater of Caen » – Ouest France


« Striking Harmony » –

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« A work of goldsmith » – Toute La Culture

Ouest France

« A unique piece of work » – Ouest France


« Spectacular » –

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« Cupid & Death – Interview » – SWR Classic


« Combattimento, the black swan theory » –


« Locke’s Psyche, from the banks of the Seine to the banks of the Thames » – Resmusica


« A majestic reconstruction » – Olyrix


« Sébastien Daucé brings Psyche back to life » – RTS