Te Deum & Missa Assumpta est Radio France – ©Victoire Andrieux/ensemble Correspondances

“Te Deum & Missa Assumpta est” is on air

The program “Te Deum & Missa Assumpta est” is now available for listening on France Musique!
This recording made during the concert at the Auditorium de Radio France will plunge you into the heart of a 100% Charpentier program, one of Correspondances’ favorite composers.

Don’t wait anymore, discover this program !

Buxtehude REC

“Membra Jesu Nostri” European tour

Correspondances embarks on a European tour, travelling through France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland during the Lenten season with a special programme: the “Membra Jesu Nostri”. This cycle of seven sacred cantatas written by Buxtehude on the Passion of Christ immerses the listener into the mystical world of Lutheran music. A mysterious beauty emerges from these pages dedicated to the last hours of Christ.

Discover here the presentation of this programme by Sébastien Daucé.

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Fondation Correspondances

In order to serve the independence and excellence of its work, Correspondances has created the Fondation Correspondances, with the aim of restoring the musical repertoire inherited from the century of the Sun King. Designed to promote the Baroque more widely, the foundation is setting up a network of philanthropists committed to this objective.