O Mysterium

Composer : Henry Du Mont

For 20 years (from 1663 to 1683), Henry Du Mont directed the music of the Sun King’s chapel. For the daily Mass heard he built up a new musical repertory consisting of motets for full chorus and more intimate pieces for solo voice. The former aimed to transpose to the context of the ‘ordinary’ the format of large-scale works conceived for extraordinary ceremonies. Sébastien Daucé presents an innovative approach to these ‘grands motets’ that at once links specific musical features with historical data and reveals their beauties in every detail.

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  1. Memorare
  2. Jesu dulcedo cordium
  3. Desidero te millies
  4. O æterne misericors Deus
  5. Sub umbra noctis profundæ
  6. O mysterium
  7. Allemanda Gravis
  8. Ave Regina cælorum
  9. O dulcissima
  10. Quam pulchra es
  11. O præcelsum
  12. Super flumina Babylonis