L’Archange & Le Lys

Composer : Antoine Boësset

Discovering what makes this music work requires study but also experimentation. Often all that remains of this magnificent counterpoint and subtle harmony is a few staves of manuscript paper, a text, and the odd clue left by contemporary sources: it is up to us collectively to imagine a sound, a direction, an instrumentation, so as to give this music its expressive contours and its rightful place in the French repertory. Far from the noise and high speed of the world of today, such music is an oasis of poetry and beauty.

  • Diapason 5
  • 4-etoiles-de-classica-


  1. Cantica Sacra: Allemanda gravis
  2. Anna mater matris redemptoris nostri
  3. Quam pulchra es
  4. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Missus est Gabriel Angelus
  5. Messe du 11e mode: Kyrie
  6. Messe du 11e mode: Gloria
  7. Meslanges: Prélude
  8. Messe du 11e mode: Credo
  9. Meslanges: Dum esset rex
  10. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Ave maria gratia plena
  11. Messe du 11e mode: Sanctus
  12. Messe du 11e mode: Agnus Dei
  13. Domine salvum fac regem
  14. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Ecce ancilla Domini
  15. Antiphonae: Veni electa mea
  16. Cantica sacra: Symphonia a 4 viol.
  17. Dixit Dominus
  18. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Gabriel Angelus
  19. Salve Regina
  20. Meslanges: Beata Dei genitrix
  21. Sancta Maria
  22. Visitat Maria Elisabeth
  23. Antiphonae: Similabo eum viro sapienti
  24. Magnificat
  25. Ave mater pia