Environmental commitments


Our environmental commitments

In the face of ecological emergency, the performing arts sector must also rethink its practices. Correspondances is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, with the help of the artists of the ensemble and the venues where it performs. The ensemble is a member of the association ARVIVA – Arts vivants, Arts durables.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Correspondances’ extensive touring activity in Europe and abroad makes transport the main source of CO2 emissions for the ensemble. To reduce its impact, Correspondances has decided to replace air travel by train for production on the European continent, even when it involves a longer travel time and higher costs.

Over the 2019-2020 season, air travel is limited to the tour in Mexico scheduled for October 2019, and the production of Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostri at the Misteria Paschalia Festival in Krakow in April 2020 : with a very limited budget, Correspondances nevertheless makes the committed choice to offset its carbon footprint through donations to Surfrider (ocean protection) and Reforest’Action (tree planting in France). In Europe, artists from Antwerp, Hamburg, Berlin, Geneva, Ste-Ursanne (Switzerland), Amsterdam, London, Brighton, Luxembourg City and Madrid for a majority will travel by train from France. In France, the group is committed not to take any domestic flights.

The ensemble strongly encourages musicians to adopt a set of good practices: the use of public transport in cities and to get to or from airports, carpooling and limiting the use of personal cars…

The hotel industry is the second largest source of CO2 emissions for the ensemble, with more than 1500 nights reserved per season. The main cause is the laundry and the highly energy-intensive infrastructure of hotels. Correspondances will use as soon as possible hotels that are certified and recognized for their commitment to ecology; and encourages people to stay with local residents.

We ask the hotels that host us to make the following efforts: limitation of bedding and towels, no cleaning service for stays shorter than three nights, introducing breakfast that includes products in short circuit….

In the office of the ensemble special attention is paid to environmentally friendly suppliers: energy, equipment, food consumption, etc.

Waste Management

Correspondances’ commitment also involves reducing its waste, particularly at rehearsals and performance venues.

The use of plastic is controlled  :

    • by asking artists to bring their water bottles, and requesting water fountains at the venues
    • by requiring catering to be local and without packaging
    • by demanding hotels not to provide cosmetic samples (which are non-recyclable) or plastic cups in the rooms
    • by prioritizing the rental of equipment (office and technical equipment, etc.) over the purchase when their use is occasional

ARVIVA – Arts vivants, Arts durables

ARVIVA was born from the assessment that the performing arts have a key role to play to face environnemental issues. After more than a year of collective work, ARVIVA’s nine founding members – all working in the field of performing arts – have decided to create an association to act in the facts and in the long-run.

ARVIVA has the ambition to gather all the stakeholders of the performing arts field: artists, producers, technicians, agents, venues and training centres, ensembles, orchestras, troupes and independent producers, regardless of their discipline or esthetics.

Its goal is to question the daily habits of the performing arts jobs in order to identify sustainable alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of this field, including all the links of the chain, from the creation to the production and the diffusion, passing by the communication.

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