Motets for the House of Guise

Marc-Antoine Charpentier


These works, headed by the Miserere des Jésuites, constitute an unexpected parenthesis in the music of the Grand Siècle. The creative genius, the inwardness and the intense fervour of acomposer surrounded by his faithful company of singers and instrumentalists of the House of Guise speak to us all the more intimately because Charpentier appears here as both copyist (the surviving scores are in his handwriting) and performer – he sang the haute-contre part.


Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Miserere H.193
Antienne H. 526
Annunciate superi H.333
Ouverture H.536
Litanie de la Vierge H.83

Sortie harmonia mundi septembre 2013
Diapason d’or, ffff Télérama, Choc Classica, Supersonic Pizzicato

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