Faces of Love

Jean-Baptiste Lully


Lully’s operas have continued to be played almost a century after his death, which was something extremely rare at a time when novelty and contemporaneous music represented everything. Nevertheless, the changes of taste led the composers to rework Lully’s pieces to modernise them, by arranging – especially with new orchestrations – or rebuilding them. We call them “Fragments” : we take different whole parts among several operas, we rearrange them with or without dramaturgy in order to highlight, like a concert ahead of time, beautiful sections of the Florentine’s masterpieces. For this programme, these “fragments” have drawn successively in Psyché (1671), Atys (1676), Persée (1682) or Armide (1686) to retrace like a deck of cards some of the sentimental feelings, travelling a kaleidoscope from real or fake indifference to the frivolity of a Carpe Diem.


Jean-Baptiste Lully
Psyché (extracts)
Persée (extracts)
Atys (extracts)
Armide (extracts)

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