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Itinerant music within Norman heritage sites

Back to the 17th century, music nurtures the court’s daily life, especially itinerant music before the construction of Versailles. The musicians would then adapt to an unpredictable headcount, sometimes very unusual playing conditions, rudimentary instruments, all the hazards linked to the movings, in order to keep on giving rhythm to the life of a community, whatever happens.

Built in less than three months to respond in a flexible way to the obligations of the health crisis and to come as closely as possible to the rural territories, the bike tour of the ensemble Correspondances has embarked nine musicians for six steps in Norman heritage sites from 7 to 12 August 2020. On the programme : workshops about baroque instruments, meetings with craftsmen, musical processions, concerts, picnics and bike rides with the public have put music and conviviality back to the priorities.

From Caen to Domfront-en-Poiraie via Longues-sur-mer or Saint-Lô, many local stakeholders have come together for this initiative imagined for and with the inhabitants.

800 spectators including many children have followed the six steps of this musical tour in Normandy. Nine concerts, from which eight were free, have been given.

Cultural feast for young and old alike

Each step of this tour has allowed to open a window on a territory, its heritage, and the preferred music of Correspondances, with a particular attention brought to the younger people !

Stud farm, rural manor, abbeys, churches : six private and public heritage sites, particularly atypical, have welcomed these festive events, creating unexpected links with the music offered by the ensemble Correspondances.

Before every concert, the children and families gathered for introduction workshops on baroque music, and meetings with art craftsmen and local producers.

By deciding to go on a regional tour with distances not exceeding 50 km between two steps, Correspondances made an audacious bet with nine of its musicians : reach every venue by bike ! On a 250 km route through Normandy, the musicians have ridden their bikes on 170 km of roads less travelled.

Tour 2.0

Fortified by this success, Correspondances has decided to renew the adventure in autumn 2021, with a new team and a new programme on 300 km between Le Bec-Hellouin and Balleroy. More information on the dedicated page !

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