« An exceptional musical success » – Toute la culture

« The richness of the musical work is so important that we stand in front of a beautiful object that seems to have been written as such. The arias answer one another, correspond, resonate together. What a pleasure to discover the arias of Jephté by Carissimi, or the leçon de ténèbres by Massaino. It needs all the risk-taking tendencies of Sébastien Daucé to take up this challenge and not to fall in the simplicity of already well-known arias. […] The ensemble Correspondances is here, as always, exceptional. The word “ensemble” resonates with it in a very particular way, so much that musicians and lyric singers make one. […] And we are grateful for the musical discoveries of the performance, from the richness of the emotion range led by Sébastien Daucé direction, from the richness of the interpretation. »

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