“A night of dreams we’d like to never wake up from” – Le Figaro

“Three years! This is what it took for the conductor and harpsichordist Sébastien Daucé to “recompose”, based on a simple part of the first violin written down by Philidor at the end of the 17th century and a book of vocal arias published in 1655, this mythical work is the Royal Ballet de la Nuit. Indeed, it is impossible to mention Versailles and opera without going through this major milestone. This dream of total art, which in its time lasted between six and thirteen hours, and at the end of which appeared for the first time the young Louis XIV, dressed in the clothes of the rising sun. A political allegory, addressed to the greatest of this world, at the end of the Fronde.

The director of the Ensemble Correspondances and the choreographer Francesca Lattuada embarked on a breathtaking journey to French and Italian music, after a night of dreams we would have liked to never wake up from. For, with these 117 costumes, each more dreamlike and spectacular than the other, for characters whose successive entrances are constantly intertwined or juxtaposed, this royal ballet is an ode to wonder.” 

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