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It is a”candlelight”  theater  in another way, which owes nothing a priori to the baroque gestures of the music is adopts: the magnificent repertoire of a seventeenth century English defended by Sébastien Daucé, his musicians Ensemble Correspondances, and the ardent alto by Lucile Richardot in a landmark album, Perpetual Night, released in April 2018 at Harmonia Mundi. The director Samuel Achache created Songs based on this music, a baroque show in the full meaning of the word…

It must be possible to enter the black water of this music, sea of tears spread from the end of the reign of Elizabeth I to the first Purcell, from Johnson to Peerson, through Locke, Banister, Ramsey, Blow. To bear the enveloping and terrible sweetness of a thankless deploration.

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