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At Bouffes du Nord, the director Samuel Achache and the organist Sébastien Daucé make the melancholy fiber vibrate on British airs of the 17th century.

She kneels on burnt cork granulate and destroys wax plates with an ice ax. The case takes time. She is searching for her heart. So she knocks and the chips fly. Behind her, eight musicians and two singers from the Baroque ensemble Correspondances watch her in silence. Soon, they will resume playing British songs of the seventeenth century that underlie the project. Unless it’s a prototype. As in all of Samuel Achache’s shows, the stranger rubs shoulders with the original and, if we do not really know where we are going, we are sure that the trip will be stunning. At the Bouffes du Nord, this Songs, burlesque, tragic, lyrical, with sketches but a long-running plot, sometimes delivered in concert version, the rest of the time in chamber opera, elusive by some end as it is described , do not escape the rule.

Guillaume Tion

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