Songs : the tragic beauty of the English chant- Artistik rezo

The director Samuel Achache and the musician Sébastien Daucé sign a very beautiful show around the songs of English love of the XVII ° century. Baroque musicians on wonderful instruments, amazing singers and comedians in verve embark us on a trip as burlesque as fairy, very successful.


It is precisely this gap between the somewhat antiquated poetics of these 17th century melodies and the devastating burlesque scenes between the two sisters that is interesting here. The flashy extravagance of the actresses strikes the purity, the sobriety of a song with marvelous poetry, superbly carried by Lucile Richardot, who embodies the depressive and tragic mother. The singer wanders in sleep in this moving decor, voice of steel or velvet, out of genres and time. As for the young musicians, they play an amused choir, who also sings, plays, participates in the action.

Hélène Kuttner

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