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It is a musical piece that deals with the melancholy, the sadness and the relationship that the characters have with their feelings. It is a fairly simple construction, quite didactic, but elegantly complicated by writing and humor. The scenography is very beautiful. I find the original music well nested with the purpose and dramaturgy, then it is less the case. Jean-Christophe Brianchon

For me, there are a thousand possible interpretations of these stories. It is not at all simple as a device, the meaning is very open from the start and it is one of the qualities of the piece. The first scene with the two sisters is very rich. They play to go back in the memories of their childhood with an immediate complicity. Anna Sigalevitch

I really liked “Fugue” with great depth and crazy humor. I really like the absurdity in Samuel Achache’s shows. Sometimes the way music and theater are sewn here seems a bit forced. For me, most of the success of the show is based on Margot Alexandre. Arnaud Laporte

I find this work quite dazzling, it even touches sometimes sublime. I forgot myself in this piece that symbolizes both experience and feeling. I found brilliant the organization by Samuel Achache of a mental space that will allow us to go through many stages of depression. There is a pretty breathtaking suspension. This piece is like a fruit with many flavors. Thomas Corlin

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