« Songs », in the heart of melancholy – La Croix

At Bouffes du Nord, Samuel Achache and Sébastien Daucé combine the affects of theater and music in a show that sublimates the morose delectation.

A few months ago, at Harmonia Mundi’s, a CD came out that immediately received attention and rewards: Perpetual Night, a selection of seventeenth-century English songs brought together by conductor Sébastien Daucé and singer Lucile Richardot in tribute to the night, its soft shadows and its agonizing ghosts.

Today, this musical framework in which the singular, dark timbre of the viola exhales and exalts the powerful melancholy of this repertoire, has become a spectacle. The theater combined with the music, a story of today – or rather of all times – echoing the elegiac verses and the lunar harmonies of the tunes, accompanied by the instrumentalists of the ensemble Correspondances, more sensitive and refined than never.

Emmanuelle Giuliani

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