Le Ballet royal de la Nuit – an ideal Christmas present! – France Musique


Extracts from the broadcast:
“It’s an up-to-date gift,  a beautifully made record book, and in addition to CDs there’s a DVD this time with the cording of the show with the staging and choreography of Francesca Lattuada. So both the sound element and the visual element are present.
A great show to highlight the Sun King. <…> This music music was lost, only the part of the first violin remained <…> The show is absolutely incredible because it mixes the magic and the political project at the same time, all that around the theme of the night with the various aspects:  the Sleep, the Moon, and the Sun, of course, at the end.
This is the miracle of both Sébastien Daucé’s intelligence as a musicologist and performer, and the extraordinary homogeneity of the musical team. So, it creates constantly captivating atmospheres.
Something timeless, absolutely delicious … A beautiful Christmas present! “


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