Set box “Ballet Royal de la Nuit” – L’Avant-Scène Opéra

Ensemble Correspondances takes us into a world of sound that is little known and as fascinating on an instrumental as a choral level. Among the soloists are Lucile Richardot (The Night) and the shattering Eurydice Caroline Weynants, Etienne Bazola (Sleep) or Renaud Brès (Ercole),  but every single singer deserves a mention and, without losing their personality, they merge into wonderful madrigal sets.

The editorial quality of the quadrilingual book-disc, with a remarkable musicological record, accompanied by the complete music in 3 CDs, makes it an absolute must of baroque discography and a dream gift for baroque music lovers of course, but also for all lovers of musical entertainment because the great success of this jubilant production is to make available to all audiences what a priori could have remained a matter of specialists.

Buy the new set box “Ballet Royal de la Nuit”.

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