Songs, Sebastien Daucé’s tribute to English music of the seventeenth century, at the Caen Theater – Liberté Caen

With the Royal Ballet of the Night (created in 2017), Sébastien Daucé has proved his taste for forgotten treasures! In residence in Caen with his ensemble Correspondances, the young chef invites you to discover Songs, on November 27th and 28th. During the 2018-2019 season presentation, Patrick Foll, the director of the Théâtre de Caen, did not hide his enthusiasm for this new creation.

“As always, Sebastien offers us something very original, with this musical play built around the seventeenth-century English music that we have never heard. For that, he went to find scores in the libraries of London. Here, he honors all of Purcell’s contemporary composers, who are equally talented but little known. “

The voice of Lucile Richardot

This unique program is carried by the stunning Lucile Richardot. She gets along wonderfully this musical patchwork, alternately melancholic, sensual and joyful, which testifies to the deep vitality of the English music of the XVIIe century.

“She’s one of the best French altos, with a very particular voice, capable of going into almost masculine bass, and her career is now exploding.”

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