The Transfigured Night – Crescendo Magazine, October 2018

A Transfigured Night

“Intelligent programming that, based on the theme of the night, traces a history of English vocal art from 1620 to the last decades of the seventeenth century. They are thus honored the first English recitatives, the” singing “declamatory” created by the composers gathered by Henry Frederick Stuart, the great tunes of Mask and semi-operas of Purcell. Sebastien Daucé and his Ensemble Correspondances, for whom this is their ninth recording, were previously mainly interested in the French repertoire of the Grand Siècle. Here they explore the collections of the famous London publisher John Playford and the manuscripts of the libraries of London, Oxford and New York. Brilliant idea, as they find there jewels! William Webb’s “Powerful Morpheus, let thy charms”, whose last verse is titled “The Car-Charming Sleep” by Robert Johnson, or “Amintas, that true hearted swain” by John Banister.


The vibrato is perfectly balanced and controlled, the ornaments all in laces, diction is remarkable. Richardot and Daucé demonstrate that emotion is born more of sobriety and sincerity of expression than of emphasis and exuberance. ”

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