“Lucile Richardot, queen of the night in Royaumont” – Olyrix, September 2018

“Lucile Richardot, queen of the night in Royaumont” – Olyrix, September 2018

“The ensemble Correspondances, under the direction of Sébastien Daucé, offers a refined setting to the nocturnal splendors displayed by Lucile Richardot.

The project was very promising: a recital by Lucile Richardot, with the Ensemble Correspondances and the group La Vie brève, given in the refectory of the monks of Royaumont. The staging was to be entrusted to Samuel Achache, who has created, with Jeanne Candel, the staging of musical performances, some of the most interesting ones in the recent years.


“Perpetual Night is a night crossing of the seventeenth-century England, an exploration of the wanderings of the heart and the confirmation of the amazing interpreting powers of Lucile Richardot. Beautiful singer, with her magnetic presence, demonstrates here all her talent: wonderful projection, effective articulation, a sumptuous tone and bass with a surprising density and roundness.  In order to be dark, the voice can also be brighter, with sensitivity and intelligence, for example, when mentioning a kiss in the last lines of “Care-charming sleep”. She displays subtle shades and moire reflections that delight the listener. ”






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