Sacred Stories by Charpentier – La Montagne

Sacred Stories by Charpentier – La Montagne, Festival de La Chaise-Dieu : first concerts in photos and vibes. 

“The head of the ensemble Correspondances boasted the renewed inspiration of the composer … It’s obvious. Vincent Huguet, the director, pointed out the relevance of the discourse around these three biblical steps in our society where the question of the condition of women is central …

Side realization from the moment when the mezzo-soprano Lucile Richardot is on stage, I swoon … With this long and beautiful voice, androgynous, necessarily disturbing. But all the singers are great. It is a sum of sublime individuality that serves the collective. Nobody crushes anyone. Everyone is right in their role, even the music. Everything serves the discourse which once again has an unsuspected resonance in our world today. That is what I call doing theater.”

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