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Lucile Richardot, a velvet mezzo

“Mezzo-soprano of an unclassifiable timbre, which borrows from the contralto sumptuous bass while deploying treble silk, the French singer is at the heart of the whole program.” It is for her that I sought this directory, I wanted it to be tailor-made, confirms Sébastien Daucé. I told myself that it was among the English that I would find the singularity and strangeness capable of nourishing Lucile’s singular voice. And since I did not want a ‘Best of Handel’, we had to work a lot!

It resulted in an anthology of “consorts songs” by Lawes, Locke, Jenkins, Blow, rarely or never engraved, and which recall all the richness of English baroque music, somewhat drowned by the overwhelming posterity of Purcell. That being said, the new horizon explored by Daucé and his troops still has continental roots. “In English instrumental music,” says the conductor, “I see a little bit of French ballet dancing, at that time the dance masters of all the European courts came from France. This filiation is also found in vocal music, which at the time was equally important in Italy, but it is clear that some English ‘ayres’ are closer to the French court’s double air than to the diminished Italian.

A wishful melancholy repertoire, which, in the middle of a heat wave, comes to distill, by the grace of Lucile Richardot and a subtle continuo, the freshness of the English mists. ”

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