« Les membres de l’Ensemble Correspondances ont cette musique dans le sang »

« The members of Ensemble Correspondances have these pieces under their skin.

For those whose interests lie mainly in the French musical legacy of the seventeenth century, the name of Étienne Moulinié (1599-1676) is strongly bonded with that of Gaston de France, Duke of Orleans and only brother of Louis XIII. Although the Duke was a capricious and often rebellious prince, Moulinié was retained in his service for nearly thirty years, and during all this time, the composer provided much sacred music for Gaston’s private chapel and his family, leaving for posterity avaried and original œuvre amassed between 1627 and 1660. Although Moulinié’s secular music is well known, his sacred output is still a cause for neglect, so this collection representing some of the finest pieces is a most welcome addition to the composer’s rather lean discography…« 

Gerald Fenech

Music and Vision –  12 mars 2015

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