“Sébastien Daucé et l’ensemble Correspondances restituent magnifiquement les toiles sacrées de Charpentier” – Concerti.de

Sébastien Daucé and the Correspondances ensemble magnificently restore the sacred paintings of Charpentier.

Frenchmen who look to the Italians for inspiration and who openly recognize him? It is tedious to find examples of it in the history of music, but the Sacred Stories of Marc-Antoine Charpentier are one of them. Indeed, we can see how much Charpentier was inspired by Roman music, the source of the Latin oratorio. In this program, these are short stories, sacred mini-opera. Sébastien Daucé and the Correspondances ensemble convey the essence of Judith, Marie-Madeleine, Jonathan etc. in a captivating way: sometimes with a very playful rhythm, an enormous variety of expressions, a lot of finesse and richness in nuances that makes it an extraordinary recording. No wonder it has already won several awards in France.

Christian Lahneck, May 2019

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